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Dundee's History

For nearly 200 years Dundee's prosperity was dependent on the textile industry and, in particular, on the manufacturing of jute grown in India.

Dundee was the largest jute manufacturer in the world and a vital market for Indian jute producers.


By the early 20th century however Kolkata had overtaken Dundee as the dominant centre for the production of jute. Nevertheless, until the 1970s many of the overseers, managers and mechanics working in Bengal jute mills came from Dundee. 

Taza's Link to Dundee's Jute Industry

Our restaurant is on the exact harbour where jute imports occurred in the 20th century.

More than a billion jute sandbags were exported from India to the trenches during World War I.

Inside Taza

Our restaurant's theme is based on the legacy of the jute industry and you'll see the names of many of the mills located in Scotland & India.


Even our light fittings are reclaimed from and old factory of that era.

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